Working with Jenna changed how I'll show up on social media forever. Her tips were easy to understand, implement, and integrate. And the results were immediate. I've had an online platform for more than a decade and I still found tremendous value in Jenna's guidance. Thanks, Jenna!



Author, Meditation Guide


Before doing an Instagram consult with Jenna, I honestly didn't understand the platform. I had great success on Facebook and I knew my business needed to be on Instagram, but I just didn't understand HOW to get it to grow and convert for me. Jenna made it so clear and make so much sense to me that I started to implement her strategies immediately. I had 6,000 followers when I started working with her and over doubled within six months. My account is immensely better! Over the last two years I have been able to not only enjoy Instagram and make money from it, but I have also been able to create additional value to my customers and clients, build more relationships and feel like I really know what I am doing! This day and age you have to adapt and use social media, if your clients are on Instagram like mine are and you feel lost, Jenna will catch you up without skipping a beat!


Keynote Speaker, Co-host of The Best Life Podcast



Jenna is awesome! She is a no nonsense, no bullshit lady wrapped up in happiness and positivity. She helped me get over my social media hump. In the past, I have hired people to manage my social media only to realize my 65 year old mother could have posted better content. She introduced my to awesome apps to make my post appear 100% professional. She gave me a schedule to take out the guesswork and made it very black and white for me. She even cyber stalked me to make sure I was posting and gave me a much needed kick in the bum when I wasn't. Whenever I had a question she was there to answer and give me the confidence to post.


Realtor, John L. Scott