about our love

I'm Jenna, a girl out to love the world.                                                  I am the owner/designer/love spreader behind The Love Bomb Company.

What started as a super secret Instagram account created to spread a little love turned into a company that drops Love Bombs worldwide. I made a mission to create a thoughtful, heartfelt, authentic offering of love and post it every day for a year. And that is just what I did. 365 posts. EVERY SINGLE DAY for a year. Those words became coffee mugs, mason jars, magnets and a greeting card line. Thoughts became things for hot little hands around the world. What seemed like a small journey grew to be one big-ass life altering adventure.  I learned that small acts done with great love can create amazing, life changing, heart opening opportunities. I learned to find what you love and do that. And every day put energy toward it, show it love and let it grow. Forget what you are trying to get and focus on your intention. Because, one loving intention can change everything.

The Love Bomb Company specializes in rad coffee mugs, fanfreakingtastic mason jars, and other various items of awesomeness . All products are created with the intention and heavy focus of SPREADING SERIOUS AMOUNTS OF LOVE.

Wholesale opportunities and custom graphics are available. Shoot me an e-mail and I will whip you up something special!


PS. You're like SUPER pretty.