about our love


I'm Jenna, a girl out to spread massive amounts of Love. I am a single mom to a teenage boy, a maternity nurse, and the owner/designer/love spreader behind, The Love Bomb Company.          
What started as a super secret Instagram account created to spread a little love turned into a company that now drops Love Bombs worldwide. I made a mission to create a thoughtful, heartfelt, authentic offering of love and post it every day for a year. And that is just what I did. 365 posts. EVERY SINGLE DAY for a year.
That one intention transformed my world. It morphed into a thriving business built on spreading Love. Those words became coffee mugs, mason jars, magnets, totes and a greeting card line. Thoughts became things for hot little hands around the world. 
What seemed like a small journey grew to be one huge life altering adventure. I learned that small acts done with great love can create amazing, life changing, heart opening opportunities. I learned that one loving intention can change everything.
That same intention continues to blossom. I am currently on a mission to drop 365 Love Bombs in the year 2018 (please see definition below). To show up in my community and my world as a Love personified. To bring palpable positivity to those around me. To inspire others to show up more fully and to commit acts of empathy, understanding, and kindness. That is my why. That is what we do. 


PS. You're like SUPER pretty.