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Welp, smell a ya later, and later, and later! Literally! These 16oz gems burn for 90-110 hours

They are a natural plant based soy wax that is GMO FREE and contains NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and is also VEGAN and KOSHER.

The words on them may not be clean but, they burn clean as a mother!

And they never truly burn out! When the wax is gone dig out the remains (carefully) the pour boiling water (carefully) into the jar. Use a paper towel to wipe up the liquid wax that rises to the surface, then pour out the water. Make sure not to pour any wax down your sink! THEN REUSE YOUR LOVE BOMB JAR!!! We don't recommend for drinking but there are only a million other things to do with it! Use it as a vase, a coin jar, heck buy a votive candle to stick in it. LET THE LOVE LIVE ON!!!

WARNING: Don't burn your house down, use caution when burning! See warning label on candle!

These gems are just what every room needs!